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Holistic Hemp Scotland’s Honey is produced in small batches on a family-run apiary in Lithuania. Containing 44% buckwheat honey, 44% forest wildflower honey, and 12% high-quality hemp trichomes, this blended honey provides a lovely dark amber colour, dense texture, and full spectrum CBD. The hemp is grown and harvested with care and processed at low heat and pressure to preserve its best qualities. And because their Hemp Honey is raw and unpasteurised, it retains the full potency of the natural antioxidant properties found in both honey and hemp.

But most importantly—it’s delicious. If you’re new to CBDA or CBD edibles, our tasty Raw Hemp Honey is the perfect product for giving them a try. It’s a versatile and flavoursome alternative to plain white sugar. It’s great straight up with a spoon, or use it in hot drinks, smoothies, marinades, baked treats, drizzled on toast, or anywhere else you’d use honey, treacle, maple syrup or brown sugar. It’s even a lovely home remedy for a tickly cough or a sore throat.

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