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Holistic Hemp Scotland CBD Raw Extract Paste is made from hemp grown right here in the EU, using biodynamic and organic principles, and free from all pesticides and artificial fertilisers.

Because they use a CO2 extraction process under low temperature and low-pressure conditions, their raw hemp extract retains the full spectrum of naturally-occurring cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, including CBD and CBDA. That ensures that their extracts give you the best of hemp’s therapeutic benefits, with nothing lost in the processing.

Additionally, Holistic Hemp Scotland’s farming practices and extraction methods ensure that their extracts have an intensely herbal flavour with a smooth finish. There is no artificial aftertaste. Just clean, green hemp.

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How To Take Raw CBD Extract Paste

We are Holistic Hemp Scotland, dedicated to providing high quality CBD products throughout Scotland and beyond.
We work closely, and ethically, with our farmers to ensure standards are high from start to finish.

Directions for use

Our Full Spectrum Hemp Extract has been created from specially selected organic hemp sourced at small artisan farms within the E.U.

This product contains 15mg of CBD per 0.1g.

Step One
How to take Raw CBD Extract Paste
Step Two
How to take Raw CBD Extract Paste

• Press gently on the syringe to release the required amount. Use the scale on the side of the syringe which is marked in 0.1 g increments.
• 0.1 gram of hemp extract paste contains 15mg of CBD. Please refer to dosage information.

Step Three
How to take Raw CBD Extract Paste
  • Place paste under the tongue.
Step Four
  • Replace Cap
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