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Our Banana Sour CBD Flower, cultivated in the serene landscapes of Switzerland, offers a unique and delightful experience with a 16% CBD strength. This strain stands out for its distinctive banana-like flavour blended with a subtle sour twist, making it a favourite among CBD users who appreciate a fruity yet tangy profile.


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Purchase this item and get 212-650 Points - a worth of £0.53-£3.25

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Key Features

Origin: Grown in Switzerland, renowned for its high-quality hemp cultivation and natural, eco-friendly farming methods.

CBD Content: Contains a 13% CBD concentration, striking a perfect balance between efficacy and smoothness.

Flavour Profile: A rare combination of sweet banana and a hint of sourness, offering a unique and pleasant taste experience.

Aroma: The scent mixes sweet, fruity notes with a tangy edge, enhancing the sensory experience.

Usage: Suitable for both daytime and evening use, it’s ideal for those seeking relaxation or a gentle uplift in their mood.

Safety and Compliance: Adheres to UK legal standards, with THC levels within the legal limit, ensuring a safe and compliant product.

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Banana Sour CBD Flower’s 13% CBD potency is ideal for alleviating stress, enhancing calmness, and improving mood without overwhelming effects.

Why Choose Banana Sour CBD Flower?

For CBD users who enjoy a twist in their flavour profile, Banana Sour offers a unique taste that differentiates it from traditional strains. Its Swiss origin guarantees quality and purity, ensuring you receive a product that’s effective and enjoyable to use.

Elevate your CBD experience with the unique and flavourful Banana Sour CBD Flower, a perfect blend of natural wellness and exquisite taste.

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