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Have you ever heard of liposomes or liposomal products? If not, you are not alone! Read on to learn why these critical molecules are paving the way forwards for oral CBD products and other essential nutrients!

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a type of isolated cannabinoid. The health industry believes CBD has the potential to improve various areas of health. Scientists are researching the role of CBD in managing mood disorders and inflammation. The full potential for CBD has not been fully discovered yet!

Tapping into these potentially beneficial effects are more complicated than it seems because the human body does not efficiently absorb CBD. Scientists have identified the structure of the CBD molecule to be the culprit. It is a complex shape, and the body does not have the proper tools to absorb it. It’s like trying to fit a key into the wrong lock.

CBD products are less absorbed than THC. Individuals would prefer to pick CBD over THC because CBD does not induce any psychoactive effects. Meaning, people who use CBD want to experience the potential benefits of cannabinoids, but they do not want to feel the sensation of feeling high.

What does liposomal mean?

Liposomes are a type of fat that is highly efficient at aiding with absorption. These tiny little spheres of fat can absorb nutrients and molecules which pass directly into your cells. Liposomes are especially effective at absorbing drug-based molecules, including different types of medicine.

Liposomes are very resilient and will survive harsh environments in the body, such as highly acidic stomach juices. Oral CBD products will often degrade in the stomach due to the volatile chemicals and stomach juices. Scientists have been studying liposomes for their potential to help the body absorb CBD related products. The intestines are also hostile, and any CBD passing through this system will degrade further.

It presents a two-fold dilemma. The unique chemical structure of CBD decreases your body’s ability to absorb it. Following this, tiny amounts of CBD make it to the organs which are capable of absorbing it. Without the aid of liposomes, the user will have significantly fewer chances to experience any potential benefits from the CBD product.

Can liposomes be naturally found in the body?

Liposomes are not naturally present in the human body. They are man-made fat molecules inspired by phospholipids. Phospholipids are naturally occurring and exist in almost all tissues in the body. Biologists and chemists realized that creating their type of fat transporter could help people better absorb vital nutrients and stay healthy.

Can I buy premixed bottles of liposomal CBD?

Yes, you can purchase a blender bottle of liposomal CBD. They are called emulsions, and sometimes they are also called micro-emulsions. It refers to a mechanical process that thoroughly blends two ingredients that usually would not mix well on their own.

Emulsified oral CBD products are better absorbed than any other oral CBD options on the markets. Thanks to this increase in absorbability, you can expect to use fewer products and still achieve similar outcomes.

Using fewer products is a significant incentive for consumers and frequent CBD users. Administering less volume per dose makes the entire process much easier to consume. It also has the potential to decrease the associated cost per dose, for now. If the CBD industry notices that more people are purchasing this type of product, they may increase the price to maximize their profits.

Is liposomal CBD superior to regular CBD?

Liposomal CBD is not necessarily superior to CBD. You will absorb them better, but you will not have more significant outcomes when using these products.

The choice to use a liposomal CBD blend or a regular CBD product is up to the user. The most critical factor to consider is your level of compliance with the product. Follow the instructions on the CBD product you choose to use verbatim.

Do not take exceed the recommended dosage for liposomal CBD. For regular CBD, do not consume less than the recommended dosage. Your body already has difficulty absorbing this molecule, and consuming less volume will further decrease your chances to experience any effects CBD may offer.

What are the liposomal vitamin D and k2 benefits?

These two vitamins after often paired together to support bone health and adequate calcium uptake in the system.

Research examining any link between CBD and osteoporosis has been promising. Preliminary studies indicate a possible positive reaction between bone health and consistent CBD intake. Scientists continue to study this mechanism, but interestingly, liposomal vitamin D and k2 can help with bones, and now liposomal CBD may also have a role.

In Summary

Scientists have relied on liposomes to improve nutrient absorption for decades. These manufactured fat molecules improve health and help the body absorb essential nutrients, vitamins, and now CBD.

Oral CBD products are notoriously difficult to absorb. Emulsified blends with liposomes and CBD will increase the bioavailability of the cannabinoid. Greater absorbability will increase the chances for the user to experience any effects from the CBD.

Liposomal CBD is not a superior option to regular CBD products. However, users ingest less volume of liposomal CBD and still achieve similar effects.