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CBD is enjoying widespread popularity throughout the UK and the range of products has expanded rapidly to include a number of different types of drinks and other edibles.

CBD doesn’t cause a high because there are only trace amounts of the physchoactive compaound THC, but it does help support general health and wellness. This has resulted an the explosion in the popularity of CBD and with the growing trend of supplementing with CBD; the range of CBD-infused and inspired products looks set to grow.

How to Choose the Best CBD Beverages

With the growing number of CBD beverages available, it can be difficult to know which ones to choose. A good rule of thumb is to choose beverages that have been infused will full-spectrum, rather than broad-spectrum CBD. Full-spectrum CBD has a wide variety of cannabinoids that have been extracted from the hemp plant.

Different CBD Beverage Options

With the many different types of CBD drinks on the market, there are three exciting trends that are making their mark in the UK. These are CBD in protein shakes, CBD in syrup concentrates for carbonated drinks, and CBD-infused coffee.

CBD in Protein Shakes

Protein shakes favoured by athletes and gym-goers are getting a facelift. Protein powders ensure that athletes are getting the macronutrients that they need post-workout. The twist here is that  many athletes are choosing to include CBD in their post-workout schedule to support their health and are thus opting for CBD protein powder to mix into shakes that are drunk after working out.

CBD as a Syrup Concentrate for Carbonated Drinks

CBD infused into a syrup concentrate is another way that people are choosing to consume CBD. It works as a mixer, infusing CBD into any drink effectively. The best CBD syrups are independently tested, using CBD sourced from premium-grade, organic hemp that has been grown on a farm using environmentally friendly growing practices.

CBD and Coffee

CBD-infused coffee is another fast-growing trend. Creating the best CBD coffee means using the best available beans and CBD extract.

CBD-infused coffee is another fast-growing trend. Creating the best CBD coffee means using the best available beans and CBD extract.

Arabica Beans

It goes without saying that a good CBD coffee should use the best quality coffee beans available. The best beans to work with are hard, shade-grown Arabica beans sourced from Africa as well as Central and South America which are fair trade certified and organic where possible.

Full-Spectrum CBD Extract

It’s important to use the best quality CBD extract too. This means sourcing a full-spectrum CBD extract from organically grown, pesticide-free hemp. After the hemp is harvested, it needs to be processed in a sterile environment following stringent protocols. A whole-plant extract that is full-spectrum gives consumers access  to the full range of cannabinoids that are available in the hemp. The best method of extraction to use is CO2 processing or ultrasound extraction rather than exposing the hemp to solvents that are potentially harmful.

Why CBD-Infused Coffee is Not Necessarily the Ideal Solution

CBD Doesn’t Mix with Water

CBD is hydrophobic meaning that it, like oil, doesn’t mix with water. So if CBD has been added to your espresso, it is most likely that the CBD will stick to the cup, and you won’t end up drinking much of it.

Temperature Affects CBD

A study done on cannabis tea found that the elevated temperature affected the CBD so the dose that you would get with a hot coffee won’t be the same as a similar size dose in a cold or room temperature drink. If you favour ice coffee, these negative effects would be mitigated.

CBD Has Low Bioavailability

Sublingual application, putting CBD drops directly under the tongue, is the preferred application for most people who consume CBD oil. This increases the CBD’s bioavailability as it is absorbed by the membranes and avoids the “first-pass effect,” which reduces the dose’s absorption in the liver. This allows the CBD to bind with the endocannabinoid system more effectively.

Considering that CBD is hydrophobic, affected by heat and has low bioavailability, especially if not taken sublingually, CBD-coffee is not an ideal solution for everyone.

Other CBD-Infused Drinks

Aside from CBD-infused protein shakes, syrup concentrates and coffees, there are also a number of other CBD drinks on the market in the UK. This follows new breakthroughs in the water solubility of CBD, which is more bio-available and can be more easily absorbed by the body.

CBD Waters

Water products are popular with new CBD spring water, hemp water and vitamin-enhanced CBD water available to purchase. This is an excellent option in summer where you can combine hydration with consuming CBD. It’s important to do your homework when choosing a CBD water as many contain very low amounts of CBD, and long term storage of CBD water that is exposed to light may degrade the CBD content.

Ready-to-Drink CBD Beverages

It is also possible to purchase different carbonated and non-carbonated ready-to-drink CBD beverages. Options include CBD colas, ginger beers, lemonades and coconut drinks. Here is it also important to look at the amount of CBD contained in the drink, and to drink healthier options that do not contain sugar and non-natural ingredients. From CBD-infused kombucha to hemp CBD sodas, there really is something for everyone wanting a CBD-infused beverage.

The proliferation of CBD drinks makes it easier to enjoy the benefits of CBD. By combining CBD with hydration, the products are able to fulfil the need that customers have where they want a health and fitness drink that has something extra.

Whether you’re an athlete wanting to supplement with CBD in a post-workout smoothie, or a coffee drinker wanting to make small changes to maintain your wellbeing, CBD beverages are a new way to enjoy the benefits of CBD in a way that is convenient and effective. The growing popularity of CBD beverages across the UK looks set to continue its upward trajectory with the influx of new and different CBD-infused beverages.