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Are CBD Tampons a Thing & Should You Try Them?

By May 18, 2021June 22nd, 2021No Comments

Everyone has heard of organic tampons and knows that they’re better, but why? Generally, they are a safer hygiene product for the environment and the women using them. They don’t have chemicals or contain harmful fragrances. Plus, they’re pesticide-free, chlorine-free, and don’t use harmful deodorants.

Some women find that they don’t like using tampons. Side effects can include TSS (toxic shock syndrome). This happens in two ways:

  • You leave the tampon in your vagina for a long time, which encourages bacteria to grow.
  • The tampon sticks to the walls of your vagina, especially during light blood flow, which causes tiny tears as it’s removed.

However, there’s no reason to experience tampon side effects if you use them correctly. Still, many women are sensitive to various fragrances and chemicals, so organic tampons are generally best.

Tampon Pain – Why It Happens?

Many women experience tampon-related pain. For one, you could be inserting it into your vagina incorrectly. Usually, you feel discomfort when sitting because the tampon didn’t go far enough into your vagina.

Other times, women insert them correctly, but they slip down over time. Try a more absorbent one or a slightly larger one. Still, you should make sure that your tampon is right for the blood flow you have right now. If you’re using a tampon that’s too big, it could stick inside and tear your body when you take them out.

You rarely feel discomfort from the abrasions, but it can cause bacteria growth and infections, and you definitely don’t want that!

What Are CBD Tampons?

If you’re like many women, you’ve never heard of CBD tampons. Are they even a real thing? Yes, they are, and a few companies already make them or are getting to that point.

Most women find that period cramps are the worst right when they start their periods.

There could come a time where heating pads, chocolate, and cramp-relieving OTC medicines don’t do enough to reduce your cramps. In fact, most women find that they pop Midol throughout their periods and only have a minor benefits.

That’s no way to live, especially since you go through this every month!

If you’re like most women, you are exploring other avenues that bring comfort, and hemp tampons might be the right choice.

CBD is well known for offering relief and promoting better well-being.

One company (YourDaye) has clinically validated the use of cannabis tampons. They’re regular-looking tampons, but they are all-natural, sustainable, and fight cramps. It’s like your uterus won the lottery!

Research and Trials

YourDaye spent about three years testing its CBD tampons, researching options, and performing trials. Now, though, you can buy them right from the website. Prices aren’t that bad, and you can find various tampon options. With that, the company offers a vaginal microbiome product, a pill that promotes a healthy vagina!

What’s Special about CBD Tampons?

If you choose an authentic CBD tampon, it promises to be a natural alternative to taking medication. Those who experience painful periods can use CBD in a better way.

Though many products allow you to rub it on as oil or consume it to get the health effects, now, you can insert it into your body and relax the muscles in the uterus and pelvis.

These hemp tampons are also pesticide- and dye-free, built from the most absorbent fibres, and tested in a lab to ensure the highest standard possible.

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What’s CBD, Anyway?

CBD is cannabidiol, which is a cannabinoid chemical found in the cannabis plant. However, CBD doesn’t intoxicate you or get you high. It’s THC that does that.

Regardless, the CBD tampons contain 30 percent hemp plant extract for each tampon. Naturally included is 100 mg of the cannabidiol. Ultimately, this is enough to promote your health and relax your body during your menstrual cycle.

While the tampons haven’t been tested by non-affiliated scientists or outside labs, clinical trials do indicate that hemp tampons are just as effective as OTC anti-inflammatory medications.

Why Was This Product Created?

Recently, YourDaye was asked why it created CBD tampons and why it was motivated to do so. It seems that many businesses want to try things without knowing the market.

However, this company knows that it wants every woman to be able to improve, monitor, and understand her sexual, reproductive, and menstrual health.

Women have gotten used to discomfort during their periods, and it just doesn’t have to be that way! You don’t have to take OTC meds with side effects to promote your well-being and health.

The goal was to research and develop cannabis tampons to offer an effective and safer alternative to OTC meds.

It only came about because there were many researchers and doctors on board. Though it was years in the making, it’s no wonder that the CBD tampons are all the rage. Many women have been on the waiting list for over a year and can now try the hemp tampons for themselves.

Are CBD Tampons the Same as Organic Tampons?

No, they are not. Organic tampons don’t use pesticides or chemicals. Plus, the fibers used are sustainable and eco-friendly.

However, CBD or cannabis tampons take that a step further. The tampon itself is coated in a special blend of cocoa butter and broad-spectrum CBD extract. The proprietary creation is safe to use anally and vaginally.

Before you get all weirded out, it is possible to use CBD tampons anally. In fact, many women don’t like the feel of a tampon in their body, even if it’s inserted correctly. You can still get the same health effects through the anus.

Hemp tampons put a small percentage of the cannabinoid compound into the vaginal mucosa. It gets absorbed by the blood vessels within the pelvis, which helps ease discomfort within the uterus.

Most women feel the effects within 30 minutes. While it’s not instantaneous, neither is OTC medication.

How to Use Cannabis Tampons

You insert hemp tampons the same way as regular organic tampons. However, it’s best to use them when you get the worst cramps. For most women, this is the first day of their period, though it can go on throughout the menstrual cycle.

If you feel bloated and crampy, insert the tampon like you might any other. Wait 30 minutes, and experience the relaxing benefits it offers.

What Fresh Alternatives Are There to CBD Tampons?

While CBD tampons are all the rage, some women just don’t like them, and that’s okay! If you’re looking for something better than a pad, moon cups might be the answer.

Menstrual cups are a great thing, and the newest option on the market is Moon Cups. These menstrual or period cups are inserted into the body, similar to a tampon. They sit there and collect the blood that flows. The cup “seals” with the edges of your vaginal walls so that blood can’t escape.

They’re often called moon cups because the moon and menstruation are often coupled together. In fact, the moon is used as a symbol of fertility and femininity. There are various menstrual cups on the market, but Moon Cup is highly popular, so many women use the phrase “moon cup” to describe every menstrual cup.

Women everywhere experience different period issues, which leads them to wonder if they should wear pads or tampons.

CBD tampons are a great product because the soothing CBD extract gets absorbed into the pelvic area where it’s needed most. From there, it can relax the muscles and reduce cramps. While only YourDaye, a UK-based company, offers cannabis tampons right now, almost anyone can buy them!