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Are CBD Tampons a Thing & Should You Try Them?

By May 18, 2021September 6th, 2021No Comments

Everyone has heard of organic tampons and knows that they’re better, but why? Generally, they are a safer hygiene product for the environment and the women using them. They don’t have chemicals or contain harmful fragrances. Plus, they’re pesticide-free, chlorine-free, and don’t use harmful deodorants.

Some women find that they don’t like using tampons. Side effects can include TSS (toxic shock syndrome). This happens in two ways:

  • You leave the tampon in your vagina for a long time, which encourages bacteria to grow.
  • The tampon sticks to the walls of your vagina, especially during light blood flow, which causes tiny tears as it’s removed.

However, there’s no reason to experience tampon side effects if you use them correctly. Still, many women are sensitive to various fragrances and chemicals, so organic tampons are generally best.

Tampon Pain – Why It Happens?

Many women experience tampon-related pain. For one, you could be inserting it into your vagina incorrectly. Usually, you feel discomfort when sitting because the tampon didn’t go far enough into your vagina.
Other times, women insert them correctly, but they slip down over time. Try a more absorbent one or a slightly larger one. Still, you should make sure that your tampon is suitable for the blood flow you have right now. If you’re using a tampon that’s too big, it could stick inside and tear your body when you take them out.
You rarely feel discomfort from the abrasions, but it can cause bacteria growth and infections, and you don’t want that!

Why use organic tampons?

Organic tampons are a better choice than paper napkins and tampons as they are:

  • Biodegradable
  • Safe for your skin
  • Free from chemicals
  • Scent-free and deodorant-free
  • The best way to keep your body safe and healthy!

What Are CBD Tampons?

If you’re like many women, you’ve never heard of CBD tampons. Are they even a real thing? Yes, they are, and a few companies already make them or are getting to that point. Most women find that period cramps are the worst right when they start their periods.

There could come a time where heating pads, chocolate, and cramp-relieving OTC medicines don’t do enough to reduce your cramps. Most women find that they pop Midol throughout their periods and only have a minor benefit. That’s no way to live, especially since you go through this every month!

If you’re like most women, you explore other avenues that bring comfort, and these CBD-infused tampons might be the right choice. CBD is well known for offering relief and promoting better wellbeing.

Daye has clinically validated the use of tampons with CBD and other natural substances like cocoa butter. They’re regular-looking tampons, but they are all-natural, sustainable, and fight cramps. It’s like your uterus won the lottery!

Research and Trials

There are very few brands of organic tampons, and you might have to take a long and hard look to spot a CBD tampon pack in the ocean of synthetic fibre, scent-infused, and paper tampons. The only company that ventured this fantastic innovation is Daye. The manufacturer spent about three years testing its CBD tampons, researching options, and performing trials. Now, though, you can buy them right from the website. Prices aren’t that bad, and you can find various tampon options. With that, the company offers a vaginal microbiome product, a pill that promotes a healthy vagina!

CBD oil for period pain

CBD is a refreshing natural substance that helps deal with pain. During the monthly period, CBD may help reduce the cramps and soothe the vaginal walls so that you can resume your daily activities without having to call in sick!

Cannabidiol, or CBD, has many benefits that can be extremely helpful during the menstrual cycle. Additionally, CBD Oil is good for the skin and keeps it clean. The bacteria build-up and private hygiene will never be a problem if you use CBD oil regularly.

What’s Special about CBD Tampons?

If you choose an authentic CBD tampon, it promises to be a natural alternative to taking medication. Those who experience painful periods can use CBD in a better way.

Though many products allow you to rub it on as oil or consume it to get the health effects, now, you can insert it into your body and relax the muscles in the uterus and pelvis.

These tampons with the goodness of Cannabidiol are also pesticide- and dye-free, built from the most absorbent fibres, and tested in a lab to ensure the highest standard possible.

What’s CBD, Anyway?

CBD is Cannabidiol, which is a cannabinoid chemical found in the cannabis plant. However, CBD doesn’t intoxicate you or get you high. It’s THC that does that.

Regardless, the CBD tampons contain 30 percent hemp plant extract for each tampon. Naturally included is 100 mg of Cannabidiol. Ultimately, this is enough to promote your health and relax your body during your menstrual cycle.

While non-affiliated scientists or outside labs haven’t tested the tampons, clinical trials indicate that these tampons are just as effective as OTC anti-inflammatory medications because of the CBD.

Why Was This Product Created?

Recently, Daye was asked why it created CBD tampons and why it was motivated to do so. It seems that many businesses want to try things without knowing the market.

However, this company knows that it wants every woman to improve, monitor, and understand her sexual, reproductive, and menstrual health.

Women have gotten used to discomfort during their periods, and it just doesn’t have to be that way! You don’t have to take OTC meds with side effects to promote your wellbeing and health.

The goal was to research and develop CBD-infused, organic tampons to offer a practical and safer alternative to OTC meds.

It only came about because there were many researchers and doctors on board. Though it was years in the making, it’s no wonder that the CBD tampons are all the rage. Many women have been on the waiting list for over a year and can now try the CBD tampons for themselves.

Are CBD Tampons the Same as Organic Tampons?

No, they are not. Organic tampons don’t use pesticides or chemicals. Plus, the fibres used are sustainable and eco-friendly.

These tampons put a small percentage of the cannabinoid compound into the vaginal mucosa. It gets absorbed by the blood vessels within the pelvis, which helps ease discomfort within the uterus.

Most women feel the effects within 30 minutes. While it’s not instantaneous, neither is OTC medication.

How to Use CBD Tampons

You insert the tampons infused with broad-spectrum CBD the same way as regular organic tampons. However, it’s best to use them when you get the worst cramps. This is the first day of their period for most women, though it can go on throughout the menstrual cycle.

If you feel bloated and crampy, insert the tampon like you might any other. Please wait 30 minutes, and experience the relaxing benefits it offers.

Review of Daye Tampons

If you have reached this part of the reading, I am assuming you experience period cramps and want to know the best option for making it easier and simpler! Next time before going through days of bloating and feeling meh, visit the website for Daye Tampons and learn more about how you can avoid the pain in an unnoticeable way!

The brand dares to explore the taboos and discuss healthier options for period pain and many other products for vaginal health! I loved the idea of probiotics for the vagina and the naked tampons! Now we all can say bye-bye to pain and the discomfort that pulls us back in the daily race at work or with home chores!

Daye realizes that CBD can help you in places where you need a healthier option! Apart from the tampons, you will find many quality products like CBD balm, acne patches, cheek and face masks, and accessories like pouches for you to keep your health items fresh and safe!

Daye is like a prayer answered because up till now, how many have been able to find products for vaginal health. Moreover, Daye understands that we all get unwanted pimples, bloated bellies, and sore muscles during the cycle. This is why all the products show the care and the comforting feel is just what the ladies needed!

Review of Ohne Tampon

The ladies owe a lot to Ohne for introducing an organic alternative to the scented and synthetic tampons available in the market. Ohne took the revolutionary step and created organic tampons with 100% pure cotton. These tampons are not even scented and do not contain pesticides or chemicals that may harm the vaginal walls and make bacteria grow.

Check out the Ohne website, and you will feel invigorated as all the products are for ‘babes who bleed!’ The 100% organic products for cycle care and period care encourage women to embrace their monthly cycle and take care of themselves. Up till now, nobody told us that we deserve tender loving care during those days, and even afterwards!

You will find naked tampons, applicator tampons, and cotton pads for period care. However, there is a lot of other precious care available with CBD oil rubs, chocolate bars, and bath bombs! You can pick the items of your choice or buy the kits that offer numerous products that work excellently to provide comfort, care, and health!

Ohne focuses on sustainability and offers biodegradable products while understanding the gentle touch we all need and love! Organic tampons are a great way to embrace your period and selecting the best for your body and the environment!

What Fresh Alternatives Are There to CBD Tampons?

While CBD tampons are all the rage, some women don’t like them, and that’s okay! If you’re looking for something better than a pad, moon cups might be the answer.

Menstrual cups are a great thing, and the newest option on the market is Moon Cups. These menstrual or period cups are inserted into the body, similar to a tampon. They sit there and collect the blood that flows. The cup “seals” with the edges of your vaginal walls so that blood can’t escape.
They’re often called moon cups because the moon and menstruation are frequently coupled together. The moon is used as a symbol of fertility and femininity. There are various menstrual cups on the market, but Moon Cup is highly popular, so many women use the phrase “moon cup” to describe every menstrual cup.

Women everywhere experience different period issues, which leads them to wonder if they should wear pads or tampons. CBD tampons are a great product because the soothing CBD extract gets absorbed into the pelvic area where it’s needed most. From there, it can relax the muscles and reduce cramps. While only Daye, a UK-based company, offers tampons with CBD right now, almost anyone can buy them!

Are CBD Tampons worth trying?

Sure! We all want a piece of nature in our lives, and there is no better way to ease tough times than to seek help in organic and stimulating products. CBD Tampons are not just a hygiene product but help you unwind and relax. Period cramps are a real thing, and if there is something that helps pull through these days, here it is!

Organic tampons are not unheard of, and women have been using them for years. Everyone wants a piece of nature to avoid synthetic substances in harmful fragrances and unnecessary chemical exposure from the deodorants and chlorine products used for hygiene. The availability of organic tampons presents the choice of a healthier period, without cramps and extreme discomfort of using scented or chemical-laden products!

What makes CBD Tampons a better option?

The paper napkins and tampons available in the market may not be suitable for all! For example, I wouldn’t have to go far as I am allergic to paper, and the only option for people like me is cotton napkins or tampons, which require quick changes. Organic tampons are an excellent solution for such problems as they are free from any synthetic allergen. You can buy organic tampons, but why not take it a step further? Organic tampons are made with natural fibres, and there is no use of chemicals like deodorants and scents. CBD Tampons are enriched with CBD and are made with plant fibres, making them all the more effective.

These tampons are covered in cocoa butter and broad-spectrum CBD, which readily gets absorbed through the vaginal walls. The CBD reduces pain and discomfort while your body remains fresh and clean, without any chances of chemical residue or unwanted absorption of them by vaginal mucosa.

A pain-free experience

Period pain can make any woman stop in her tracks! The menstrual discomfort leads to bloating, lower back pain, and numbness due to the flow. Through limited research on cannabinoids like CBD, THC, CBN, and CBG, we know that CBD is most effective for pain relief and stimulates users, making them feel fresh and exhilarated. These properties make CBD an excellent companion during the monthly period as you don’t want to lose momentum every time the cycle starts!

A pain-free experience coupled with the goodness of cocoa butter and other cannabinoids present in broad-spectrum CBD will make you unstoppable!

Any side effects of tampons?

Did you also hear all the myths about tampons when you were growing up?

Tampons do not destroy the vaginal wall, neither does it cause clogging. Using a tampon instead of a pad is a personal choice, and there may be many haters, but then there are many who admire it too!

There are no side effects of tampons as they are absorbent paper or cotton and help keep you dry. However, some women prefer napkins due to a bad experience or the uncomfortable feeling of inserting the tampon. Regular users say that once you use a tampon, you never return to using a napkin, and why not? A tampon gives you a more comfortable feeling.

The dislike or preference of using napkins comes from the few issues of using tampons related to Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) when women either leave the tampon in for long and it leads to bacteria growth; or the flow is less and the tampon sticks to the vaginal walls, causing tiny tears when pulled out. Despite these two issues that women face, if you are particular in removing the tampon within a short time and keep yourself clean-you must try the chemical-free and organic tampons. We discussed this earlier as well, but again, tampons are safe and have no side effects except that you will get used to it more than a pad that may move out of place if you are on the move!

Organic and CBD tampons have no side effects, and you will only feel better without any irritating chemicals or deodorants that can bite into your skin!