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It is a heinous act to spike someone’s drink. Any victim of a spiked drink knows first-hand how quickly the situation can escalate. You rapidly lose your ability to think, move, and even the ability to speak disappears. Read on to learn more about recognizing the symptoms of a spiked drink and how to recover the next day.

What is drink spiking?

Drink spiking is illegal. It is the act of intentionally adding a type of drug or substance into someone’s beverage without permission. These drugs added to drinks are typically different types of sedatives and will cause paralyzing effects on the victim.

The chemical agents are colourless and odourless. The victim is oblivious of their presence, and their safety becomes compromised.

The effects of the drug will take effect within 30 minutes of consumption, and the victim will start to feel woozy. Victims have reported that the room begins to spin, and initially, it feels like they became drunk too quickly. Within the next fifteen minutes, the effects of the drug significantly increase and you realize pretty rapidly that what you are experiencing is not normal.

Typical symptoms of a spiked drink include loss of speech, loss of motor function, and the inability to defend yourself against predators physically. Women are the most common target for drink spiking that occurs in bars and nightclubs. The attacker discretely slips the drugs into an open cup beverage and waits for the drugs to take effect. Private seating areas, like a restaurant, have a much lower risk of any drink spiking, but it could still happen.

Why do people spike drinks?

The reason that someone would engage in drink spiking is entirely insidious. Sexual predators use drink spiking to immobilize their victims. The attacker makes their move then the victim is paralyzed and helpless. The sedatives can last for up to 12 hours.

As well as inappropriate sexual advances, other people spike drinks when they plan to commit theft or robbery. They use the drugs to immobilize their target and steal whatever appears to be high in monetary value.

Women are the most common victims of drink spiking, although it can still happen to men. While suffering from the symptoms of a spiked drink, the victim is unable to give consent, and rape can occur.

The most common drugs used to spike drinks include Rohypnol (known as Roofies) and Gamma Hydroxybutyrate (known as GHB). Both of these drugs are sedatives and will have effects on the body within 30 minutes of consumption.

Drink spiking symptoms the next day

If you are a victim of a spiked drink, the last 12 hours will feel blurred. Memory loss is a known side effect of these drugs. It is something the attacker uses to their advantage. Twelve hours is a considerable gap of time to lose track of, and the victim can feel extremely confused, scared, and unsure about which events transpired the night before.

You are encouraged to visit a hospital to be assessed appropriately. These drugs and toxins only stay within the body for 72 hours after administration. Blood work can be completed to identify any evidence of drugs in your system. Time will be against you, so act quickly.

Take time to rest. The physical side effects of the drugs may wear off quickly, but the mental toll is much more severe. Ensure you stay hydrated and drink lots of water.
Victims experience a high level of anxiety, and it is challenging to trust social events again. Many people feel too scared to go outdoors and may have a tough time revisiting a pub or club.

How to protect your drink

If you are willing to contact the police, then yes, you absolutely should. Statistically, the chances of police enforcement identifying the culprit are low. However, police will compile data over time, and your information can help police finally catch a perpetrator. If the police are aware that one specific club is frequently targeted, they may keep a closer eye on the establishment.

Launching an investigation into your case can feel daunting and surreal. Many people experience an out-of-body sensation while moving through the steps of reporting a crime. The drugs used to spike drinks intentionally reduce memory capacity, so be kind to yourself if you feel like you can not recall many details of the evening. Lean on your close friends as much as possible to fill in any blanks from your memory.

Drink spiking is a crime. To protect yourself against this crime, never leave your drink unattended. Ask your friends to monitor your drink if you need to step away to the toilets.

If you are at a bar and suddenly feel yourself losing mobility or losing consciousness, call a friend to help you get home safely.

Remain at home until the side effects have worn off, and visit the local hospital if you would feel better after a full medical assessment.