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Your natural ability to produce lubrication decreases during and after menopause. Vaginal dryness can decrease your overall quality of life and make sex uncomfortable. Instead of relying on prescriptions or pills, you may want to try natural solutions first. Read on to learn more about which natural products can improve your vaginal dryness!

Menopausal dryness

There are many reasons why you lose the natural ability to get wet in your vagina. Any hormonally dictated condition, especially menopause, will increase vaginal dryness. In menopause, the body decreases its production of estrogen. Without enough estrogen, the tissues and walls of the vagina become dry and can cause discomfort.

Women with vaginal dryness have increased pain during sex due to the absence of natural lubrication. Dryness will also create sensations of general discomfort, itchiness, and an increased need for frequent urination. If you do not have vaginal dryness, count yourself lucky! Once it is present, it is a feeling that is impossible to ignore.

Painful sex during menopause

When you are not able to get wet, sex can be painful and unpleasant. The lack of lubrication results in intense friction and the back and forth movements entering the body can damage the thin vaginal walls. Women will experience soreness, inflammation, and sex will not feel enjoyable.

Increased dryness during menopause is widespread. Many women are not aware of the different options available to manage their dryness.

Do not worry about performing differently than you used to. All bodies change over time, both for women and men. Instead of letting anxious thoughts flood your mind, apply practical solutions to your bedroom routine to ensure you experience great sex again!

Natural remedies for dry vagina

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a natural lubricant and it is a popular option to decrease friction during sex. Coconut oil has a mild tropical aroma. Most individuals will tolerate this natural option. Start by inserting small amounts of coconut oil into your vagina throughout the week. Small, frequent applications can reduce vaginal dryness and increase your overall comfort level.

CBD products

Your vagina has many cannabinoid receptors and responds positively to CBD products. The cannabinoids increase blood flow to tissues in the vagina, which increases moisture production in the vagina. It is a natural way to decrease vaginal wetness.

Your vagina is also capable of creating natural endocannabinoids in response to CBD products. It can heighten your sensitivity and increase your capacity for pleasure in the vagina.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera’s gel texture is an excellent natural lubricant. It is mild, hydrating, and easy to purchase in stores. Use fresh aloe vera whenever possible for best results.

You can not use aloe vera cream products: these items could aggravate the delicate tissues of the vagina. Instead, use fresh stems of aloe vera, and harvest the gel yourself.

Quit smoking and decrease your alcohol intake

Both of these substances will contain toxins that can be harmful to your health. Cigarettes and tobacco-based products produce inflammation in the body. They can affect your vagina, and dryness can worsen.

Alcohol in moderation should be ok. If you are planning to have sex, you may consider decreasing your intake. It will set you up for the best success to ensure you stay wet and enjoy your hook-up.

Stay hydrated

Be sure to drink enough fluids in the day. This is a no-brainer to manage any dryness, internally and topically. Ensure your system is adequately hydrated to prevent the onset of dryness. Whenever possible, pick water, and avoid sugary and highly caffeinated products. Sugary drinks cause inflammation, and caffeine is a diuretic, which can result in inadequate hydration.

Female dryness cure

No cure exists for female dryness, unfortunately! We are at the mercy of our hormones, but we have natural remedies to manage the symptoms. Until you complete menopause, you will be at risk of vaginal dryness.

Great sex after menopause

After menopause, women feel more mature, and their needs will change. What used to work in the sheets may not cut it anymore. This is entirely normal! Communicate openly with your partner about your new desires. An excellent sex session occurs when both parties are open about their wants.

Use lubrication to reduce the risk of dryness. Lube products are the most underused product in the bedroom. They will decrease any friction and remove any sensations of pain. Instead of thinking about staying wet, you can focus on the act of sex and enjoy the waves of pleasure.

Do not force yourself to engage in sex. Your sexual libido may have changed after menopause. If you are concerned about your lack of interest in sex, consider following up with your health care provider. There may be medical reasons why your sex drive has disappeared, including depression and other undiagnosed mood disorders.

Vaginal dryness can strike any woman experiencing fluctuating hormone levels. Do not feel bad if vaginal dryness is present in your life: there are many natural remedies you can try. You can rotate these solutions until you feel your best again.

Consider using coconut oil or aloe vera for natural lubricants. These items are both high in moisture and will decrease friction during sex. They will also rehydrate your vagina and reduce symptoms of dryness.

CBD products can be used to increase the production of your natural wetness. Using CBD products can also heighten your sexual experiences and potentially increase your vaginal pleasure.

Make changes in your lifestyle. Quit smoking, and reduce drinking as much as possible. Stay hydrated and pick water whenever possible. Remaining hydrated will decrease your risk of vaginal dryness. Add fresh fruit to your water to naturally increase its appeal.

If your desire for sex has disappeared, consider following up with your health care provider. There is no reason you can not experience great sex after menopause! Communicate openly with your partner about your needs, and enjoy!