Have you ever heard of the weed strain ‘Stardawg’? This increasingly popular strain is a hybrid of two classic marijuana strains, Chemdawg and Tres Dawg. In recent years, Stardawg has become one of the most sought-after strains on the market.

But is it safe to consume? Let’s look at what makes this hybrid strain so unique and answer some FAQs about its effects and potential risks.

Stardawg Weed Is A Potent Strain

What is Stardawg?

The unique aroma is one of the first things you will notice about Stardawg. It has an earthy scent with hints of pine and diesel fuel. The buds are light green in colour and covered with fiery orange and deep amber hairs. When consumed, Stardawg provides a powerful cerebral high that can be both energising and relaxing simultaneously.

Many people find that it helps them focus while also providing a feeling of euphoria.

Stardawg is a marijuana strain that has become popular in recent years among medical professionals and recreational users. It is a potent strain bred from Chemdawg, and several phenotypes have been introduced to this strain.

Initially bred by JJ of Top Dog genetics at the Top Dawg Seed Company in California, Stardawg is a potent cross between Chem 4 and Tresdawg. It has a very high THC content and delivers a powerful punch. Stardawg routinely tests at over 23% THC!

It is believed that the legendary Chemdawg came from a quantity of dog bud that travelled from Massachusetts to Colorado in the early 1990s. The Strawdawg hybrid originally wasn’t ever intended to be used for commercial gain. The strain was limited, with the father plant being destroyed soon afterwards.

The original release of Stardawg seeds was in 2011. Since then, we have seen three more releases from Top Dawg, with the last one being released in 2016. JJ created four varieties of Stardawg, all released as regular seeds and in minimal runs. These were:

  • Stardawg
  • Stardawg 91
  • Stardawg IX
  • Stradawg 4.0

If you are looking for a well-balanced hybrid strain with a good blend of uplift and relaxation, Stardawg should be your first choice. For this reason, it has become one of the most popular cannabis strains in the UK over the last couple of years.

High THC levels in marajuana

Stardawg Seeds

While growing, Stardawg has an appealing look with a coating of sparkling white trichomes. The deep green buds sprout a few eye-catching orange hairs, and the plant is dense and well-formed. After about eight weeks, the plant bursts with an abundance of shimmering buds and delivers a very healthy yield for a plant that is relatively short in stature.
The high-yield and relatively compact nature of Stardawg makes it an appealing prospect for commercial growers wanting to produce a highly in-demand strain with a loyal following.

Stardawg is classed as a medium-sized, Sativa-dominant strain that took a few years of development and perfecting before it struck the right balance and came to be the strain so beloved by fans today. However, even though they are medium-sized plants, they are sometimes known to grow up to 7 feet in height, with an average ranging from 4-5 feet.

Stardawg is not an ideal plant to grow if you are a first-time grower. It is not that Stardawg is tough to grow, but the plant does need care and tending frequently and with a good level of mindfulness and precision.

Stardawg can be grown indoors or outdoors, with flowering times indoors between 63 to 73 days. You can expect outdoor plants to flower early to mid-October under the right growing conditions. Stardawg prefers a mild Mediterranean climate, so it may be easier to grow Stardawg indoors if you live in a cooler, more temperate climate.

Regarding your expected yield, you can crop about 3 to 4 ounces per square metre for indoor-grown plants and 3 ounces or more per plant for outdoor plants grown in ideal conditions. Stardawg has good resistance to pests and fungal diseases but isn’t resistant to mildew.

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Is Stardawg weed dangerous?

It is safe to say that Stardawg weed helped a lot of people get through the pandemic. But opinions are split over the strain, with loyal enthusiasts saying they would choose it over anything else, but others are not so keen, claiming it makes them feel paranoid.

The Creator of Stardawg, JJ from Top Dawg seeds in the US, stated that he never intended to create something that has become as popular as it is today, especially in the UK. While he is proud that Stardawg has become so highly regarded, he thinks this is because the genetics of Stardawg is so good.

What caused Stardawg to take off so well in the UK was that it was seen as exotic. Weed smokers wanted to try the newest strains and be seen doing so. Once a strain becomes popular, everyone starts to copy it. This has led to some weed being sold as Stardawg that isn’t the real deal. This is where the real danger comes from – an inferior product traded as Stardawg with potentially dangerous side effects.

JJ said that the easiest way to identify it as the real thing is to smell it. The smell of Stardawg is powerful. The first sniff of the bag should be gassy, with solid chemical, pine and diesel overtones.

Taste-wise, Stardawg carries the well-known piney taste commonly found in the Chemdawg family. However, it also has gassy flavours and sour notes, so those preferring floral or sweet flavours may not be fans of the strain.

Stardawg THC Levels

Stardawg is an indica dominant hybrid strain (40% sativa/60% indica) that is a potent cross between the legendary Chemdawg 4 X and Tres Dog strains. While Stardawg boasts an average THC level between 16 to 22 per cent, it routinely tests at over 23% THC. The potent effects have been monitored to last up to three hours.

Stardawg has a heady pine aroma with a pungent diesel overtone that hits the back of the nose and throat, delivering an uplifting sativa head buzz felt behind the eyes and in the neck. Most people experience a high with a burst of energy to keep them sociable and chatty for hours.

The sativa high from Stardawg is balanced with a mellow indica buzz through the body, leaving you with a relaxed feeling beneficial for anyone with chronic stress, anxiety or fatigue issues.

Stardawg Authenticity

The Stardawg strain has a strong lineage that is reflected in its potency. The authentic Stardawg experience delivers a potent, resinous, and intensely heady buzz along with the most desired traits of the original parents. The buds look bright and attractive, with sparkling crystal trichomes that decorate the surface like a blanket of twinkling stars.

The Stardawg strain has been described as being a one-in-a-million hybrid of two carefully bred parent strains. With such a strong lineage, there was little to zero chance of failure. The potent THC content averages between 16 to 25 per cent, which leaves lesser strains dead in the water.

Newbies are advised to begin with more mellow strains before trying Stardawg, as they may find it too potent for a first-time experience.

For anyone concerned with the authenticity of Stardawg supplied to them, the first sniff of it should blast your socks off! There is no hint of delicacy or mellowness in its smell, so it is unlikely to be the real thing if you get a whiff of anything sweet or floral.

Stardawg Weed Is A Potent Strain

Other strains of Stardawg weed

Although Stardawg has a heady sativa edge, other strains feel more indica-dominant. This means that most fans of Stardawg will also find different phenotypes they can enjoy. The most popular phenotypes cuts of Stardawg are:

  • Corey Haim
  • Guava
  • Illuminati
  • Kate Upton (Purple Stardawg)
Purple Stardawg Strain

Purple Stardawg is a phenotype of Stardawg and carries all the characteristics that have made Stardawg a favourite choice with cannabis enthusiasts. It has a dense coat of sparkling trichomes with some purple-coloured ones that add further attractiveness.

Purple Stardawg has a pungent yet complex smell combining damp forest floors, diesel, earth and pine. It is heavy, heady, and probably not a good choice for a first-time smoker. Purple Stardawg is potent and sativa-dominant – an excellent stimulant for the mind.

Strains of Stawrdawg weed
Stardawg Guava

Stardawg Guava is the sweetest phenotype. For growers, it produces the most bud. It delivers a more relaxing high than the original Stardawg, so it is excellent for anyone wanting an uplift for the mind while being able to chill out and relax with friends.

Note: Illuminati and Corey Haim are phenotypes of Stardawg that have been bred to have a higher potency than the others. Not for the faint-hearted!


Chemdawg is a hybrid strain grown and distributed by Chemdog since 1991. The name originated from two names for the same bud – ‘chem’ and ‘dog bud.’ Eventually, the name evolved from Chemdog into Chemdawg as it is known today, and it also serves to separate it from other growers.

Chemdawg is known for its pungent, diesel-like aroma. Sharp and gassy, it is easy to identify this scent from a great distance. It is not advised for newbies wanting to try cannabis for the first time as it tends to be very potent, delivering a strong cerebral experience alongside a grounding heaviness to the body.

Cerebral experience with marajuana strain Conclusion

In conclusion, Stardawg is an increasingly popular strain that many enjoy for its energizing yet calming effects. However, it’s important to practice caution when consuming marijuana in any form; start with small doses until you know how your body responds, and avoid driving under the influence of any cannabis product.

With proper care and consideration, you can safely enjoy all the benefits Stardawg offers!