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FourfiveCBD was founded by Saracens players George Kruis and Dom Day back in 2018 following their own first-hand experience of how CBD could be used as part of a training and recovery routine to help maintain wellness. Since then the brand has grown from strength to strength thanks largely due to the company’s commitment to developing the best products, using the highest quality, natural ingredients.

An Introduction to FourfiveCBD

FourfiveCBD founders George Kruis and Dom Day, rugby professionals and Saracens teammates, began taking CBD oil after suffering from sporting injuries in early 2018. They were blown away by the results, finding that the CBD played a role in help to support their health and wellness goals, allowing them to maintain an active lifestyle throughout the highs and lows of their rugby careers.

As strong proponents of CBD and its ability to support health and wellness for athletes, they established the brand FourfiveCBD. The company’s name comes from the numbers that George and Dom wore on their backs when playing for Saracens.

The FourfiveCBD Product Range

The FourfiveCBD range includes full-spectrum oils, CBD balms, and CBD capsules.

One of the primary goals of FourfiveCBD is to offer only the best products, taking care that at each step of production they maintain the highest quality and standards. As such, they have created a product that is THC-free, offering 0% THC natural CBD oil and a certified 0% THC CBD muscle rub. Their goal, from seed to shelf, is to offer a premier CBD range that is accessible to all.

In the words of FourfiveCBD founder, Kruis, “Sport is for all, and if CBD can help keep people get on the field, in the pool, on the court or in the gym for two more minutes, hours or years, we’ve done a good job.”

From Idea to Action, the FourfiveCBD Brand is Born

In January 2018, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) removed CBD from its banned substance list, making it legal for athletes to use CBD while competing. Unsurprisingly, there has been a massive uptake of CBD over the last two years as athletes seek to benefit from its ability to support health and maintain wellness. Throughout the sporting community, both in the UK and worldwide, the demand for CBD has grown and shows huge potential for sports-focused CBD products and brands to enter the market.

As professional sportsmen who had experienced the benefits of CBD first-hand, Kruis and Day wanted to set up a company that created safe, high-quality CBD products for the sports market, and so, FourfiveCBD was born. The company was established as an entity in early 2018 and began trading on 1 January 2019. The company has grown quickly, adding team members and exciting product ranges as the company has expanded locally and into international markets.

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A Commitment to Excellence Sets FourfiveCBD Apart

As professional sportsmen, Kruis and Day know that what they put in their bodies is vitally important. They founded FourfiveCBD to ensure that they were able to create the safest and premium-grade organic CBD products on the market.

FourfiveCBD supplies quick-absorbing CBD oils that are made from 100% natural ingredients. In production, the process of CO2 extraction is used to ensure that the highest available nutritional value is packed into every single drop of CBD produced.

To improve the product range further, the CBD oil is available in capsule form, making the product easy to consume, and infused with inulin powder that makes it easier to digest and last for longer.

As part of the product offering, CBD is also available as a topical cream. Your skin is the largest working organ, and the soothing, protective CBD balm is a completely safe, natural cream that is easily absorbed. The balm is made from organic ingredients that are hand-blended and suitable for a range of skin types. Recently reformulated, FourfiveCBD’s infused muscle rub was created for athletes across all sporting disciplines. It is Banned Substance Control Group certified drug-free and contains menthol to aid in the relief of inflammation and pain.

Coordinating a Unified, Branded Approach to Marketing

FourfiveCBD understands and is committed to sharing the important role that CBD can have in maintaining health and wellness, which forms an integral part of an active lifestyle. As part of this, they engage with their target market through fun, engaging social media campaigns and competitions.

They are also active on the ground, attending sports events and local gyms, to engage with athletes and active individuals and educate them about the brand and the efficacy of CBD. They are also at the forefront of CBD education, featuring in discussions and articles that have been appeared in The Sunday Times, BBC Sport, Forbes, The Telegraph, and The Guardian.

FourfiveCBD Looks Forward to a Bright Future

The next 12 months and beyond looks bright for brands positioned in the Cannabis and CBD industries, and FourfiveCBD are understandably excited about the future for the company. There is a huge scope for the industry to grow. Projections show that it will soon become a £1Bn industry, which has important benefits for those living in the UK.

For the brand itself, the company continues to push for more regulation within the industry both for the protection of consumers, as well as for the long-term reputation of CBD. They are campaigning for the implementation of easily identifiable standards that would allow consumers to identify and choose high-quality CBD products over inferior ones. This is key to positioning FourfiveCBD as a go-to brand for customers pursuing a healthy, active lifestyle.

As a brand that has been built on trust, they intend to continue to create responsible, high-quality, and meaningfully beneficial products for the public to turn to. In the words of founder Dom Day, “Starting FourfiveCBD was a no-brainer to us. CBD has had such a positive effect on our well-being; we wanted to develop products that could do the same for others.”

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