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There is a lot of confusion amongst people, especially those new to CBD, regarding Hemp Oil and CBD Oil. And unscrupulous Amazon sellers are using this to their advantage when they promote their products on the platform. You need to know the difference between the two to identify exactly which product is a good fit for your needs, and how to find a reputable seller so that you can buy with confidence and experience the benefits of a high-quality CBD product.

Hemp Oil vs. CBD Oil: What’s the Difference?

If you look for CBD oil or hemp oil on Amazon UK you’ll quickly find many sellers offering different hemp oils which might lead you to believe CBD oil can, in fact, be sold on Amazon. This isn’t the case and is where a lot of people might be getting confused. What you’re actually seeing is hemp seed oil. It’s made from industrial hemp seeds which means that it’s full of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, terpenes and vitamins, however, there’s no trace of THC or CBD. The confusing part comes in when you see that hemp seed oil addresses that many similar conditions to CBD, such as stress, anxiety, immune function, and inflammation.

Many people think that hemp oil is exactly the same as CBD oil. This is especially the case with people who are new to its consumption. The wording of CBD products can be confusing because brands will sometimes label their products as “hemp extract”; it is an accurate description because CBD oil is made from hemp extracted from industrial hemp. They use other terms too, such as ‘hemp oil extract’ and ‘hemp oil’. This is different to hemp seed oil that contains high levels of protein and vital amino acids and can be used for cooking as well as for its many health-giving benefits.

You’ve probably realised the problem already, and it can get a bit confusing, because not all hemp oil products contain CBD as an ingredient. Cannabidiol is found in the high concentrations in the leaves and also the flowers of the hemp plant. In comparison, hemp oil is made only from the seeds of the hemp plant. Hemp seed oil contains no CBD at all, so it’s not the right choice if you’re looking for a product which offers the wellness-supporting benefits of cannabidiol. It’s something to watch out for because you could end up wasting your time and money. CBD oil cannot be sold on Amazon, while hemp seed oil can be. If you’re comfortable with the distinction between the two and what you’re looking for, you’ll be able to approach purchasing the right way.

Buying CBD Products from Amazon

Over the years, Amazon morphed itself into the online shopping destination. This means that it is a natural place for people to turn to when looking to meet their shopping needs. Therefore, people seeking both hemp oil and CBD oil naturally gravitate to Amazon first, before looking elsewhere.

These are the four most powerful reasons to avoid buying CBD products on Amazon:

CBD Products are Banned on Amazon

Amazon’s terms and conditions explicitly prohibit the sale of any CBD oil. Officials from Amazon have made statements confirming the ban, stating that no products containing CBD can be listed for sale at the moment. It’s unlikely to change any time soon. Unfortunately, there are many sellers who ignore Amazon’s regulations. The tend to rely on misleading advertising and vague words to continue to distribute their products on the Amazon marketplace. While you may be able to order CBD oil, it’s not allowed, and you’re violating their terms and conditions.

This means that you’re opening yourself up to a whole host of potential issues if you do decide to go ahead with one of these sellers who is gaming the system. The CBD products currently listed on Amazon are in violation of the platform’s rules, and the sellers are taking the chance that Amazon might overlook or miss their listing. You, as the buyer, are at risk as the product may be low quality or having none of the positive effects you were hoping for because the product may not be regulated at all.

A Lack of Established, Reputable Brands

As CBD is a banned product on Amazon, there are no established, respectable brands selling their products. Instead, you have to watch out for the many fake products. These products are sold be sellers who are take advantage of a high-volume keyword (such as CBD) that has very little competition. The reason for the lack of competition is obvious: most CBD companies know it’s banned and don’t want to take the risk of getting into trouble if they are caught.

Poor Quality CBD and Harmful Ingredients

There’s no doubt that the security and convenience that Amazon’s platform offers is very tempting. The company offers excellent levels of customer service and has a well-deserved reputation in the market. But, the fact remains that it would be better for you to look elsewhere to get your CBD products. The ‘Amazon CBD scam’ leaves many people disappointed every month because they assume they’re ordering a good, quality product through a reputable platform. But buying through Amazon doesn’t mean that the product you’re ordering is good quality. You might receive your CBD order, try it for a week or two and conclude that it doesn’t work. Unfortunately, the issue may be the quality of the product, and not necessarily that CBD itself doesn’t work.

The worse part of this is not only will the CBD oil not work as intended, but it can also be harmful if the seller has altered the ingredients or included harmful compounds. There are false ingredient lists to look out for, as well as the possibility of taking in more CBD than you wanted to. It is also possible that compounds could be added to the product but not specified on the label, so if you’re allergic to something, this could be extremely dangerous.

No Recourse

Lastly, there is a very high chance that the product could be removed from sale at any time, once Amazon realises what’s going on. You may have placed an order on the platform for CBD, but Amazon could take down the listing at any stage. This would leave you with no recourse against seller because they’d be delisted and, as a result, you would be out of pocket. Instead, approach a reputable seller either online or with a physical store who knows exactly what they’re selling and has the track record to back it up.

When it comes to CBD, there is no substitute for research. Amazon’s policies explicitly prohibit the sale of CBD products, even though they can legally be sold in the UK. It should tell you something about the ethics of a company if they knowingly promote their products on a platform that has banned them. Resorting to vague or inaccurate wording in order to game Amazon’s algorithm and con customers is not a good foundation on which to build a reputable CBD company in the long-term and those brands should be avoided at all costs.

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