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The entire process of having your period is exhausting. Not only is the blood loss physically tiring, but the pain from your period cramps are also draining. For some women, using heat can help to lessen this pain. Read on to learn how using heat can be a natural option to manage your period cramps.

Heat or ice for menstrual cramps

Some people recommend staying away from using heat for muscle pain relief. Physiologically, we know that it will draw more blood to the heat source if you apply heat to an aggravated muscle.

When you experience more prolonged bouts of pain, your blood becomes rich with different biomarkers, which cause greater inflammation in the affected area. Significant levels of inflammation will prolong the recovery of the affected muscles. This will result in extended pain.

If you ever sprain your back muscle, you will need to rest. During this time, avoid adding heat and warming products to your back. Heat will induce more inflammation in the area will prevent your muscles from healing. To decrease inflammation in a targeted area, apply ice repeatedly throughout the day.

Menstrual cramps are painful, but they are not an injury. They do not share the same biochemical inflammatory responses observed from muscle strains. You will benefit from using heat-based products to relax cramping muscles during your period, and you will reduce the overall amount of pain you experience throughout your menstrual cramps.

What exactly is a menstrual cramp?

If conception has not occurred, a woman will experience menstrual cramping during her period because her uterus is attempting to shed the unused lining in her womb.

Most women experience more severe levels of cramping right before starting their period, followed by intense days of pain during the initial days of the actual period. This unwelcome pain is caused by muscles contracting and relaxing in the uterus. This series of muscular movements are out of your control (unfortunately, because they are very painful) and will loosen the uterus lining. This results in the loss of period blood and other normal period tissues.

Heat products

Using heat is a natural way to manage your period cramps. Depending on the severity of your pain, you may find that using different heat products throughout your menstrual cycle can provide enough relief to avoid relying on medications.

If you chose to use heat products, there is always a risk of burns. To minimize this risk, never apply heat products directly to your skin unless otherwise indicated. Do not sleep with heat products overnight, and always use a timer function if using products in bed.

Hot water bottle for cramps

A hot water bottle is the most common product to treat various cramps and body aches. You can easily travel with a hot water bottle because it is a low maintenance option. You will not need to rely on finding any power outlets to use a hot water bottle.

The squishy texture of a water bottle allows it to easily mould to the body, which can be very comfortable for the user. Unfortunately, a hot water bottle will only provide temporary relief. The water will need to be replaced with fresh hot water every few hours.

Heating pad for period cramps

Using a heating pad is an excellent choice if you plan to stay seated or lie down in one destination for many hours. Plug in the device, and adjust the heat settings to your comfort level.

Remember to take a break when using your heating pad. It is a product with the highest risk of burns when used for too long. Also, it is recommended to increase the heat gradually. The body will relax slowly over time, and using a high setting right away can cause you to sweat, feel uncomfortable, and taint the overall experience.

Hot water during your period

Sliding into a steaming hot shower or a hot bath is a very comfortable method to soothe period cramps. Having a warm shower includes the added benefit of cleaning up during your period. You will always feel more refreshed after a hot shower than when you first entered.

Pain from period cramps can feel localized to your uterus, vagina, and other nearby body parts. Pain in the body will increase tenseness in other areas. Commonly, there will be tenseness in the jaw, the neck, shoulders, and even feet. Taking a shower and using hot water during your period will provide relief to your whole body, and all of you will feel more relaxed.

Period patches

Be You period patches are an excellent option for women who want to experience the benefits of using heat on their period cramps but need to remain mobile.

When you get your period, even your worst ones, life keeps going. To keep up with your usual routine, use Be You period patches to stay agile and light on your feet throughout your day.

The patch has an adhesive side that quickly bonds with your skin. The patch is a strip of flexible fabric that moves quickly with the form of your body. Be You period patches will provide you with soothing comfort throughout the day if you are walking, bending, or even commuting.

In summary

Applying heat to your lady area during your period is an excellent way to provide natural pain relief during your period cramps.

There are many different forms of heat that you can experiment with. Depending on how severe your pain, you may not need always to use high-intensity products, such as a heating pad. A hot water bottle is a product that has stood the test of time and continues to be a quick and easy solution for pain-management problems.

If you are on the go, use the Be You patches, which will provide you with natural pain relief at no extra burden to your day. The patches last up to twelve hours and are easy to apply. They are made from natural ingredients and are biodegradable.