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Women’s feet and legs, in general, have always been perceived as arousing sexual desires in terms of sexuality.

It’s no coincidence that many relationships that end under the duvet begin under the table – with the casual touch of feet or legs. For a woman’s feet to captivate the male eye and his tactile senses, it is essential to regularly take care of your feet.

For a man to be charmed by his feet, they need to be healthy and well-groomed. Home pedicures should therefore be carried out at regular intervals and with due thoroughness.

After all, the feet are among the most stressed parts of our entire body. They not only bear our total weight but also have to compensate for all kinds of imperfections.

That is why, in addition to a thorough pedicure, it is a good idea to give your feet a reflexology massage once in a while, which not only relieves the feet but can also relieve tension in the body, stir up the flow of energy and arouse them sexually.

In our brain, the foot area is close to the genital area. By squeezing the reflex points on the soles of the feet, we can stir up sexual energy in the body. There are several so-called erogenous points on the feet.

Daily care

Spend at least five minutes on your feet every day. First, wash your feet thoroughly, including the area between the toes, then apply a nourishing foot cream. Special creams will nourish, soften, and moisturise the skin and provide blood circulation and relieve fatigue.

If you’re worried about rough and cracked skin, then try Eucerin Aquaphor regenerating ointment, which should not be missing in any household. Its advantage is that it can soothe cracked and irritated skin and regenerates it excellently.

In addition to taking care of cracked heels, it is also suitable for minor healing wounds on the skin, including minor burns, etc.

However, products containing higher concentrations of urea, which is very effective in sloughing off the horny layer of the skin, making it softer and smoother, can also help.

If you already have hard and cracked skin on your feet, you can intensify these products’ effect by applying them at night before bed and putting cotton socks on your feet.

Care once in a while, but at regular intervals

Once every 2-3 weeks, give your feet a relaxing 15-minute bath with aromatic salt and oil to disinfect and soften the skin. Afterwards, remove the corroded skin from your feet, either with a pumice stone or a unique foot scrub.

Experts recommend avoiding metal scrapers, scalpels or other sharp instruments, which can cause much harm if used carelessly. There is not only a risk of injury and infection but also of pain and blisters.

You can also try particular electric files, but these are more likely to be used dry before the bath itself. Dry your feet afterwards and focus on the cuticles around the nails. The cuticles are never cut, just pressed in with a wooden spatula. Special softeners for the cuticles can also be used.

The next step should be to cut the nails. It is ideal to use special clippers on the toenails and then file the nail straight. Note that filing should always be done in one direction – from the edges to the centre. This is the best prevention against ingrown nails.

If even this does not stop ingrown nails, then it is a good idea to seek the care of a dermatologist, as this can also happen as a result of a severe illness.

Finally, treat your feet to a nourishing mask or at least a treatment with a nourishing cream.

During the summer months, feet are much more stressed than at other times of the year and are more susceptible to various infections. Apart from warts, feet are most often affected by mycoses.

As soon as the skin on your feet starts to itch uncomfortably and turn red, then pay attention. Likewise, if your toenails lose their shine, they become thick or discoloured.

In such moments, immediate action is needed. In addition to thorough hygiene, it is then a good idea to use unique antifungal solutions, ointments, or creams purchased at the pharmacy. If they do not work, then, of course, it is good to seek a dermatologist.

How to ensure that your skin does not suffer during detoxification and dieting

Suppose you support this process with a special diet that cuts out things like sugar, alcohol, processed foods etc. In that case, it will upset the inflammatory processes in the body and upset the balance in the skin, which the individual will immediately feel in their appearance.

If you want to avoid skin problems while sticking to various diets and cleansing treatments, stick to the following advice.

1. Avoid foods with a high glycemic index

High glycemic index foods contain large amounts of sugar, which is broken down and absorbed into the blood significantly faster, thereby increasing blood glucose and insulin levels. This results in the human body feeling hungry again after a short while.

2. Sauna will promote skin cleansing

Sauna bathing is a great way to flush all the toxins out of your skin and increase blood circulation. But it’s essential to cleanse your skin properly first.

So, before you enter the sauna, make sure you take off your clothes thoroughly so that your pores don’t get clogged with impurities.

When cooling down after the sauna, don’t forget about your face – rinse it thoroughly with cold water to remove any bacteria that could clog your pores.

A cardio workout can work similarly, making you sweat. But even here, remember that your skin must be exfoliated and cleansed beforehand.

3. Active serums

During this period, don’t forget to use serums full of active ingredients every morning.