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PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) is becoming more prevalent across the globe. You may have already heard of PCOS from personal experience. Symptoms of PCOS include painful menstrual cramps and hormonal fluctuations. Read on to learn how CBD products can help manage your PCOS!

Living with PCOS

PCOS is polycystic ovary syndrome. Small harmless cysts have grown on the ovaries and can be very uncomfortable. Women with PCOS can suffer from painful periods, hormone balances, and increased facial and body hair production.

Women with PCOS will have significant changes in the timing of their period. The entire cycle can take months, which can negatively impact the chances of a successful pregnancy. PCOS does not mean you can not get pregnant: many viable treatments can improve your chances of conceiving.

PCOS and Diet

The number one recommendation to better manage PCOS is to avoid weight gain. Avoiding weight gain may be scientifically supported advice, but it is not helpful for most people! How exactly should I avoid weight gain: what foods should I be explicitly avoiding?

Pick dark coloured berries as often as possible; they contain powerful nutrients and vitamins that will support your health. Choose whole grains, and avoid processed foods as much as possible. Women with PCOS are susceptible to insulin sensitivity: prioritize including the healthiest types of carbs for your body!

PCOS stomach bloating

Common symptoms of PCOS will include daily bloating. Many women will benefit from following the low FODMAP diet temporarily to reduce symptoms of bloating. Australian Health Care Providers developed the low FODMAP diet. It is a method of treating IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). Although PCOS and IBS are two different diagnoses, the symptoms can overlap, and a low FODMAP approach can help both circumstances.

Bloating during your period is also very common. Women with PCOS will experience more significant levels of bloating due to hormonal imbalances during their periods. This can be very uncomfortable and cause further discomfort. Avoid consuming carbonated drinks because they can further increase your bloating.

PCOS period pain

Period pain is already excruciating for most women. PCOS amplifies period pain. Many women affected by PCOS become incapacitated during their period. The entire female reproductive system is sensitive, and pain is amplified.


CBD products contain isolated cannabinoids that may improve your health without the sensation of feeling high. THC is a separate compound that makes you feel high. Unless otherwise indicated, THC is omitted from most CBD products. Now that is clarified, let’s keep going!

CBD is currently being researched for any potential health benefits related to women’s health. Early studies indicate that CBD may have the potential to improve multiple symptoms associated with PCOS. Areas of continued research include CBD and mood swings, hormone-related headaches and symptoms of period pain. More significant research is required in this area of health.

PCOS historically induces tremendous pain during the menstrual cycle, and many women rely on various products to comfort them during this time. You can use heating pads and heating patches as a natural method to manage pain related to PCOS.

CBD and overall wellbeing

Many women with PCOS are more likely to suffer from anxiety and other mood-related disorders. CBD may be helpful to manage these disorders, but more research is required.

Focusing on your overall wellbeing is essential for your health. Prioritize regular physical movement: consistent activity releases happy hormones into your brain and keeps your spirits lifted.

Meditation and yoga practices can also be immensely beneficial for improving your mindset. Start to include ten-minute breathing exercises into your nighttime routine. When your mind is calm, your body has a chance to unwind too.

PCOS night sweats

Night sweats are directly related to surging hormone levels. You go to bed and fall asleepwith ease. Then, at two in the morning, you wake up completely drenched in sweat. The room can be ice cold, but still, your body feels like fire.

PCOS affects hormone levels and women can have increased night sweats when suffering from PCOS. At this time, CBD has not been linked to decrease the frequency of night sweats.

Popular methods to manage night sweats include using a fan overnight, wearing light breathable fabric, and using light sheets. Naturally, your hormone leaves will normalize again. If you are miserable and missing good night sleep, talk to your care provider about using any sleep aids to help you get good quality rest.

Unusual symptoms of PCOS

There is no cure for PCOS. It is important to recognize PCOS symptoms and be aware of what symptoms may fall outside the scope of this diagnosis.

Excessive and unwanted facial hair growth is an unusual symptom of PCOS. Women experience increased testosterone levels, which increases overall hair production on the face and the entire body. If possible, avoid plucking these hairs because they can damage your skin. Seek laser hair removal for the best long-lasting results.

Painful bowel movements can be a symptom of endometriosis. The sensation of intense cramping in your uterus (which is different from stomach pain) while going to the bathroom would be consistent with symptoms of endometriosis. Follow up with your health care provider for a full assessment.

Bloating, period pain, facial hair, and hormonal swings are common symptoms of PCOS. If you suspect you have any of these symptoms, follow up with your care provider. Many care providers will not properly diagnose PCOS. Prepare to advocate for yourself during this visit.

CBD products may offer benefits to women’s health. Ongoing research will need to be completed in this field.

Continue to focus on your mindset and your overall well being. Include regular activity into your regime, and practice meditation as often as possible. Complete daily activities that bring you joy; this will decrease anxiety related to your health.