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Could CBD Help?

Almost everyone who experiences menstrual cramps can understand how debilitating the pain can be. Our period generally comes once a month, and yet somehow always takes us by surprise. For some, the intensity of the pain can make it a struggle to continue with daily tasks.

While members of the less-fairer sex may not understand this, PMS and period cramps can be the bain of female existence throughout the menstrual cycle, with some women being (wo)man-down during this time.

With so many of us leading productive, busy lives, most look for a solution to curb this cycle of pain, with CBD products being one of the commonly tried natural solutions on the market. While reviews are certainly mixed, some first-hand accounts highlight the benefits of CBD to reduce this pain.
Could CBD be right for you, and does it cure those beastly cramps?

Let’s First Understand Menstrual Cramps

To explain the biology, once a month, the female body sheds its uterus lining if conception has not occurred. So basically, if there is no bun in the oven and everything is operating optimally, you should bleed. This is typically referred to as the menstrual cycle.

But why’s this painful?

It’s because your uterus contracts to help shed the unused lining. Isn’t that delightful?

To get deeper into the science behind it, prostaglandins cause the muscles and blood vessels in the uterus to contract. These levels fluctuate, depending on the time of your cycle. They are highest on the first day of your period. In addition, higher prostaglandin levels mean a more considerable amount of pain.

Isn’t the body amazing?

Interestingly, The menstrual cycle will usually last 28 days, but our genetic makeup might affect this length. It ranges between 21 and 35 days. Periods last between 2 and 7 days, with most people experiencing 5.

How Can CBD Possibly Help?

While lab studies on CBD are still in their early days, things are looking promising as even more and more studies are being conducted on the benefits of CBD. With a high enough dose, CBD could possibly help with menstrual cramps.

But what is CBD exactly?

Cannabidiol, better known as CBD, the cannabinoid found in the Cannabis sativa plant, shows signs of being helpful for pain and inflammation. Only CBD from hemp is deemed legal in the United Kingdom, with THC levels needing to be lower than 0.2%.
The great thing about CBD is that it appears to have the healing properties of THC without you needing to worry about the psychoactive effects. This is unlike THC that is found in Cannabis.

Our body has a large number of CB2 receptors, including in our reproductive organs. These produce natural cannabinoids, which balance out the endocannabinoid system.

While science is still new on the benefits, it seems like CBD might work in the same way, reducing pain and inflammation.
CBD is, therefore, a great addition to your monthly pain and inflammation reduction routine.

Use Your CBD Alongside Alternative Pain Relief

It’s late, after a busy day, and you are in pain.

Not every person who bleeds wants to take regular pharmaceutical drugs. Consistent pain medication is not suitable for the stomach gut and can have side effects. It’s best to consider alternative methods, seeing as PMS usually hits once a month.

Perhaps it’s best to try a combination of natural remedies to try to combat your monthly pain.

Fresh air, nature, and physical exercise does wonders for restoring balance in the body. You could do some yoga poses as they help you stretch and regain balance. In addition, exercise releases endorphins that help combat the icky stuff like pain and depression.

You can also try heat, such as a warm-up bean bag, heating pads for periods, or a hot water bottle to relieve your pain. If you feel like getting creative, you can make your own beanbag using a sock and grains. A warm sensation on the targeted area can definitely help soothe the pain physiologically, as it draws more blood to the painful area.

Finally, monthly patches containing Menthol and Eucalyptus Oil can be an alternative to heat. BeYou monthly patches could do the trick.

In addition, perhaps CBD is an additional natural method to help reduce your monthly agony.

Saya, aged 27, suffers every month from horrendous endometriosis pain related to her period. Her stomach bloats heavily, and, as a professional, this isn’t ideal. Saya advised that she uses CBD oil regularly for her period cramps. In addition, her ‘daily use of CBD for period pain significantly reduces symptoms.’ In addition, it helps her function optimally in her busy life and career.

On the other hand, Kelly tried CBD for her pain, saying that it did nothing at all. The 41-year-old admits that while she tried increasing her dose, it made no difference in improving the severity of her pain.

Of course, it’s generally wise to consult with your doctor should you have recurring pain, despite trying these methods.

CBD in its Many Forms

These days, CBD is found in numerous products, giving you options to administer it as you wish. However, be sure to seek medical advice to learn best ways to use CBD. Its increase in popularity means that products are regularly popping up on the market. We sell an extensive range of products available to try, including some intended explicitly for periods.

PRO TIP: Be sure to buy CBD from a legitimate supplier, like ourselves, to ensure you are getting a clean and legal product.


CBD oil is probably the most commonly-used form of CBD. Luckily certain brands make specific oils for menstrual cramps, like Our Remedy. As the winner of Hip & Healthy Magazine’s ‘Best CBD for Periods’, this is likely your best bet.

CBD Patches

CBD patches are another option, but these have been met with mixed reviews. Patches can be worn for 12 hours straight, and if they work for you, they are a solution for sleep-time cramps.

CBD Topicals

In addition, applying CBD topicals to the painful area is a great way to try to reduce your discomfort from period cramps. Topicals are a more immediate solution, as they are said not to have to first filter through your system.

Ohne is one of the brands to consider when it comes to topical cream options. Rub the cream liberally on the painful area for best results.

CBD Edibles

Finally, CBD edibles are great as they are discreet, delicious, and an easy, on-the-go CBD solution. These might be a good option for period pains due to the convenience, although the concentration of CBD is often lower. A lower dose means that edibles are less likely to be an effective treatment for menstrual cramps.

Menstrual Cups and Tampons – Can You Use These With CBD?

With eco-consciousness being the ‘new-normal’, more women turn to menstrual cups to replace pads and tampons. Not only is this environmentally friendly, but also a fantastic, money-saving exercise.

You only need 1 menstrual cup (2 at tops), and it’s easily washable. You also save time as you generally only have to clean out your cup twice a day.

Approved by Woman’s Health, the Be You Menstrual Cup is available in our store as a great addition to your natural period journey.

Not ready to switch, but you do care about the environment? Perhaps try organic tampons.

However, be careful about how you use them. You can use other alternative types of CBD, but do not apply it to your tampon.

You might find that some brands suggest that you do this to get it straight to the source. However, doctors do not recommend this!

CBD For Menstrual Cramps Dosage

When trying out CBD for menstruation, it is vital to check the product’s information to see what doses are advised. You should generally start with a lower dose and then increase this should it be required. While CBD might not affect you, you are even less likely to feel relief with a lower dose product.
In addition, check out the amount of CBD that is in the product to gauge how much to use.

It’s recommended to start at a dose of 10mg and move up from there. The product will have dosage instructions and recommendations. It is best to follow these, or advice from your doctor.

While menstruating is never fun, finding solutions to reduce the discomfort can be highly beneficial for people who bleed. Luckily, we offer a massive range of CBD products, with some even being particularly designed to cater for that time of the month.

Although reviews do vary, some attest to the power of CBD to assist with period pains, while other anecdotal evidence shows no improvement when using these products. If you opt to give it a try, you should use your CBD regularly, rather than only during the time of your period, unless the instructions of your product states explicitly not to. In addition, you may not feel any effects from these products, let alone those with a low concentration of CBD.

Finally, if you’re experiencing terrible pain, you should probably consult your doctor. In addition, your healthcare professional will have tools to guide you towards the best CBD products to suit your menstrual cycle needs.