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Each of us certainly has its own tried-and-tested cosmetics that we use to take care of ourselves. But there is no harm in changing from time to time and adding herbs or herbal products to it.

Many of them can wonderfully improve the quality of the skin and support its cleansing and regeneration. Some of our tips may surprise you, but all the better, right?

Red clover for elasticity

It is also called meadow clover. The phytoestrogens balances hormones during menopause; extracts from the plant are also great for detoxification. They support the lymphatic system and contribute to the expulsion of infections and toxins from the body.

Therefore, it is also effective in treating eczema, rashes and for faster healing of the skin. You can use the clover decoction as a lotion or prepare a bath directly. Fresh clover flowers can also be added to salads, and they have a pleasant sweet taste.

Extract: Clover tea treatment has a beneficial effect on problematic skin and promotes skin elasticity. Pour two tablespoons of dried flowers in half a litre of boiling water. Drain after 5 minutes, drink warm.

Bath: Fists the skin and improves the condition of eczema. Make a decoction of two handfuls of flowers in a litre of water. Boil just briefly, strain and pour into the bath. The treatment should last for a maximum of four weeks, after which it is advisable to take a ten-day break.

Smilax for allergic skin manifestations

It is one of the champions in fighting various skin ailments and is one of the best medicines in dermatology. Burdock can be found in meadows, thickets, along paths and fences.

It contains substances that soothe overly sensitive and irritated areas on the skin, has antibacterial properties, which has excellent effects on acne.

We collect burdock roots, which can be made into an infusion and decoction. We take two to four cups a day. It can also be bought as a dried powder (dosage is half a teaspoon twice a day).

Hair wrap: Burdock is also excellent against hair fall and dandruff. It soothes and regenerates the scalp. For strengthening and healing dehydrated and coloured hair, try a treatment made from a mixture of castor oil and burdock root decoction (in a 1:1 ratio).

Massage the mixture into the hair, comb through and leave for two hours, preferably under a bathing cap. Then wash off.

Poultices: Boil five tablespoons of the root in about five to eight litres of water, let it infuse to an acceptable temperature and strain.

Wrap the sick person in a sheet soaked in the decoction and wrap a dry sheet around him. Leave for at least three-quarters of an hour. Do this daily until the body develops a sort of measles, which will disappear within three days. This is the end of the treatment.

The process usually lasts three weeks, but skip the wrap one day a week. At the same time, follow a diet free of animal protein. The treatment can be repeated after a while.

Skin cleansing treatment

The herbalists recommend the interaction of burdock, smilax, clover, and rosehip to improve the skin’s condition, for example, in psoriasis. Burdock stimulates the excretory and purifying functions of the body and helps purify the blood.

Smilax accelerates the elimination of toxins and contributes to the purification of the body. Clover and coneflower increase the quality and renewal of the skin.