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    Green Stem – CBD Hand Cream 100mg

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    Green Stem Wild Strawberry Flavoured CBD Oil Oral Drops


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    Green Stem CBD Massage Oil – Muscle Relief

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    Green Stem CBD Gummies – Assorted Fruits

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    Green Stem Seville Orange Flavoured CBD Oil Oral Drops


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CBD Oil can sometimes seem expensive, especially if you are a first time buyer and unsure what you are purchasing is going to be beneficial in any way. At The CBD Supplier, are main aim is to provide information and encouragement so you can be certain of purchasing quality CBD products at the best prices. Our Special Offers page for CBD Oil allows you to find the best available offers on our website to purchase CBD at the cheapest price, using our discount codes.

CBD Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales 2021

All About Black Friday

Black Friday is a typically American tradition that has crossed the pond and onto British Shores. It’s always the first Friday after Thanksgiving that Black Friday occurs, and it’s the day that marks the official Christmas period for shopping. It’s a day made for finding the right deals and even before it was a commercialised event across the world, it was always a popular day for those looking to shop for a bargain or twelve. Black Friday has become a day for retailers around the world to give as many discounts as possible – and we all love it!

Why Black Friday?

It’s an odd name to most, and many stores out there have told the story before. “Black” is the colour of the ink that is used to record the profits of this mammoth shopping day. It’s Black Friday as the day has more profit than usual and the “red” ink of losses is not used at all. Another reason for the name was thought up by the cops, as they gave Black Friday its name due to the violence that occurs on this day. You may have seen the footage of people fighting over things in the stores and the police have coined the story that Black Friday is not a positive name! The last story that has done the rounds is that this day dates right back to the 1800s, when the stock market suffered a hugely devastating crash.

When is Black Friday?

All you need to do is look at the calendar and see the nearest Friday after Thanksgiving weekend in the U.S. Stores both on the high street and online will start putting their advertising out the month before Thanksgiving, and the weekend is filled with shoppers nabbing their discounts for Christmas. Once Black Friday is over, the Cyber Monday sale begins. If you want the best Black Friday deals, you need to keep an eye out for them and for your CBD, you want The CBD Supplier. Our Black Friday deals are out of this world, and they’re only available for a limited time. Snatching the best discounts and offers on Black Friday will only encourage you to continue to shop with The CBD Supplier: buy online and save!

What is Cyber Monday?

Everyone loves a great bargain, and even the excitement of Black Friday doesn’t seem to be enough of it! Whether you need a new video game console or a laptop for work, you want to get the best without paying the best prices. That’s where Cyber Monday comes in. It’s the one day of the year that stands out for consumers and it’s become a massive online event in the past few years. Retailers online take chunks out of their prices and huge discounts are offered across a variety of products. There is a good opportunity here for shoppers to stock up before Christmas, and it’s the Monday after Black Friday that it occurs. It’s become a huge event for people to get excited about in the lead up to Christmas, and there is usually free shipping involved with some retailers.

When Did Cyber Monday Begin?

Back in 2005, Cyber Monday started with the intention of online retailers having a chance to build some profits post-Black Friday. Online shopping rates have increased massively since then. The first year of Cyber Monday totalled $484 million, but by 2019, that figure had soared to $9.4 billion – proving just how popular it is. Some consumers still find these two days confusing, though, and that’s because of their close proximity. When people were still in stores and online hoping for a deal on the days after Black Friday, it was then that retailers realized that the Monday post-Black Friday could be an event all on its own. This would boost even more sales, and for online stores, Cyber Monday is even bigger than Black Friday. When it comes to Christmas shopping, a lot of retailers have realised that their customers are waiting to see what deals are on offer before shopping for Christmas.

Preparing For Cyber Monday

All online retailers should be preparing as much as possible for Cyber Monday. A lot of preparation is necessary for selling online and those who don’t get themselves ready with enough stock are going to miss out. At The CBD Supplier, we’re not missing out! We resell the very best CBD products on the market, and our aim is to provide our customers with the best prices for the premium products on the market. Our brands are trusted, and every single batch is tested for purity and consistency. If you want to find the very best in CBD products, check out our range of oils and CBD gummies!

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