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fourfivecbd is the fruit of years of labour inspired by our long rugby careers, in which we have experienced the beauty of the life of an athlete to the fullest. Together, we experienced the ups and downs of leading a healthy and active lifestyle, emerging with a need to share what we learned about the world of athleticism – and to change it for the better. Together, we have 25 years of rugby experience, and an inside perspective of what it’s like to lead a life of rigorous physical training. We have gained a true respect for our bodies and their limits, after experiencing dozens of injuries and enduring lengthy recoveries. Injuries have led us under the surgeon’s knife 12 times collectively. It is through our surgeries that we were inspired. We explored for a more natural and sustainable way to manage our symptoms to attain those marginal gains to achieve success on the field. It was thanks to our explorations that we found CBD. While managing the symptoms caused by a long and bruising career, Dom was looking to try a natural supplement and he opted to take CBD to help support his active lifestyle.
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  • Pro CBD Oil with Vitamin D3

  • fourfive CBD Hot-Cold Topical Combo

  • fourfive CBD Joint Gel – 300MG

  • fourfive CBD Muscle Rub – BSCG Certfied

  • fourfive CBD Oil – Natural or Flavoured